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Rehearsal of the first kabuki play written by Yamada Yogi

We have been invited to see the rehearsal of Bunshichi motoi Monogatari (The story of Bunshichi Genkai) is a Kabuki play directed by Yamada Yôji. The curtain opens at Tokyo's Kabukiza theatre on 2 October.

This story was originally a rakugo story performed by Sanyutei Encho.

Yamada is not only the director of the Tora-san series (Otoko wa Tsurai yo), but also one of the most popular and remarkable directors in the history of Japanese cinema, with numerous films to his name. When I say that his films are popular, I don't just mean that they are very successful, but also that they are loved by many people, in all walks of life.

This time, actors Shido Nakamura and Shinobu Terajima play a married couple. This is very rare in Kabuki, but this cast was requested by director Yamada, and Shinobu Terajima takes part in this Kabuki play, whereas this form of theatre is almost always performed solely by male actors.

Yamada directed the actors with enthusiasm, even after the dress rehearsal, and when it was all over the audience applauded. Shido Nakamura told us with a smile: "It's the first time I've ever received applause at a rehearsal".

It's a warm story with laughter and tears. I urge you to come and see her at kabukiza.

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