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“For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple and false. "


April 10, 2019 The Pacific War has started in Indochina (Passés Composés and French Ministry of Defense)

Book chapters

September 2019 "Japan and the Franco-Thai War: the story of a true-false plot" , (Peninsula)

September 2019 "Japan and the Franco-Thai War: the story of a true-false plot" , (Peninsula)

September 2019 "Japan and the Franco-Thai War: the story of a true-false plot" , (Peninsula)

2022  "The Second Empire and the building of a modern army in Japan", (Asia and France of the Second Empire (1852-1870), Hémisphère Éditions / Maisonneuve & Larose new editions, to be published).

2023  Kôgun: glory and death of the imperial Japanese army (Passés composés, 2023, to be published).


2022  “The war in the Pacific: when the great European war became a world war” (The Second World War seen differently, Éditions Buchet-Chastel, to be published.

December 2021  "The Japanese occupation of Indochina, 1940-1945: the forgotten key to independence", Historia, Special issue on FrIndochina.


September 2019 “Tokyo goes to war” (Figaro - History)

2017 “The occupation of Vietnam by Japan, the starting point for independence? » (From colonial Indochina to present-day Viet Nam , ASOM)

October 2018 “When Japan opens up to the West: adapt to survive” (History point of view)

February 2017 “The Sphere of co-prosperity of Greater East Asia: reflection on an Asian regionalism” ( International relations)

February 2017 “The Pacific War started in Indochina: the Occupation of French Indochina and the Route to Pearl Harbor” (Waseda University)

July 2016 “Japanese naval power: between glorious history and complex present” (Geopolitics)

October 2015    "Japan and the shift to the Pacific, 1940-45" (Asia Network)

2017 “Japan and the Pacific: the story of a complex relationship” (L'Océanie covoitée, CNRS Éditions)

Doctoral thesis

December 2014 French Indochina and the expansion of southern Japan on the eve of the Pacific War. Foreign policy and decision-making process, June 29, 1940 - December 8, 1941 , Université Paris-Sorbonne, 2014


December 2016 Yamamuro Shin.ichi, “The First World War in the History of East Asia”

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