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“For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple and false. "


April 10, 2019 The Pacific War has started in Indochina (Passés Composés and French Ministry of Defense)

Book chapters

2023  Kôgun: glory and death of the imperial Japanese army (Passés composés, 2023, to be published).


March 2022 "Akita-ken no Shibusawa Eiichi" [Shibusawa Eiichi andAkita Prefecture], Nichifutsu bunka, no. 91, Maison franco-japonaise, p. 152-157.

March 2022 “Taiheiyō sensō ha Indoshina de hajimatta” [The war of the Pacific began in Indochina], Nichifutsu bunka, no. 91, Maison franco-japonaise, p. 129-144.

June 2022 "Naval Powers: Japan", Diplomatie, “Grands dossiers”, n° 68, p. 86-87.

August 2022 "The War in Ukraine in Light of the Second Sino-Japanese War", Revue Défense Nationale, no. 853, p. 105-109.

2022  "The Second Empire and the building of a modern army in Japan", (Asia and France of the Second Empire (1852-1870), Hémisphère Éditions / Maisonneuve & Larose new editions, to be published).

December 2021  "The Japanese occupation of Indochina, 1940-1945: the forgotten key to independence", Historia, Special issue on FrIndochina.


September 2019 "Japan and the Franco-Thai War: the story of a true-false plot" , (Peninsula)

September 2019 "Japan and the Franco-Thai War: the story of a true-false plot" , (Peninsula)

September 2019 "Japan and the Franco-Thai War: the story of a true-false plot" , (Peninsula)

September 2019 “Tokyo goes to war” (Figaro - History)

October 2018 “When Japan opens up to the West: adapt to survive” (History point of view)

2022  “The war in the Pacific: when the great European war became a world war” (The Second World War seen differently, Éditions Buchet-Chastel, to be published.

2017 “The occupation of Vietnam by Japan, the starting point for independence? » (From colonial Indochina to present-day Viet Nam , ASOM)

2017 “Japan and the Pacific: the story of a complex relationship” (L'Océanie covoitée, CNRS Éditions)

Doctoral thesis

December 2014 French Indochina and the expansion of southern Japan on the eve of the Pacific War. Foreign policy and decision-making process, June 29, 1940 - December 8, 1941 , Université Paris-Sorbonne, 2014

February 2017 “The Sphere of co-prosperity of Greater East Asia: reflection on an Asian regionalism” ( International relations)

February 2017 “The Pacific War started in Indochina: the Occupation of French Indochina and the Route to Pearl Harbor” (Waseda University)

July 2016 “Japanese naval power: between glorious history and complex present” (Geopolitics)


December 2016 Yamamuro Shin.ichi, “The First World War in the History of East Asia”

October 2015    "Japan and the shift to the Pacific, 1940-45" (Asia Network)

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