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Doctor in history from Sorbonne University, former Japanese government scholarship holder, recipient of the Shibusawa-Claudel Prize (32nd edition), Franck Michelin is Professor in the Department of International Economy at Teikyo University. His research focuses on the political, military, and economic history of contemporary Japan, as well as on international relations in East Asia. He regularly speaks in the French and Japanese media.


Current position

Professional experience


Teikyô University , Department of Economics - professor

Sciences Po Lyon - visiting professor (2019)

Doctorate in contemporary history , Paris-Sorbonne University

Paris-Sorbonne University , East Asian Institute, Franco-Japanese House - associate researcher

Meiji University - lecturer (2010-17)


University of Montreal, Center for East Asian Studies - Visiting Professor (2016)

Shibusawa-Claudel Prize (2015)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Japan - project manager (2005-2009)

DEA in Japanese Languages, Literatures and Societies , INALCO

Master of History , University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Former Japanese Government Fellow

Research incentive award from the French Academy of Overseas Sciences (2015)

University of Tsukuba - M aster of Conferences (2002-2005)


France Culture, program International issues :

01.05. 2019 : Japan: the Emperor abdicates, Shinzo Abe declines?

28.02.2019: Meet Kim - Trump: Japan button?

14.01.2019: Russia - Japan: the other battle in the Pacific

11.12.2018: France - Japan: what impact of the Carlos Ghosn affair?

29.09.2017: Japan. After the announcement of the dissolution of parliament, what future for Shinzo Abe?

France Culture, CulturesMonde program :

23.12.2015: Heroic lives (3/4): Russia, United States, Japan: Homeland in danger

09.08.2015: The Chinese dragon in pain (3/4) - At the borders: a strategy of calculated tensions

06.02.2018: Modern monarchies (2/4) - From Rama X to Akihito: the last Asian monarchs

RTL, RTL program is already telling you about it

04/13/2016: Will Barack Obama go to Hiroshima at the end of May?

Japanese television channel BS Nihon TV, Shinsô News program

10.12.2018 On the arrest of Carlos Ghosn and the differences between the Japanese and French legal systems, live

Japanese TV channel Nihon TV, Wake up + show

08.12.2018 On President Macron and the Yellow Vests, live

Japanese television channel BS Asahi, program Nichiyô Skûpu

25.11.2018 On the arrest of Carlos Ghosn, live

Japanese TV channel BS Asahi, broadcast Ima Sekai wa

07.05.2017   On the second round of the presidential election in France, live

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

22.11.2015 On the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris, live

My interests

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